Shiva3 Project - Angels Meditation


Shiva3 Project

"Angels Meditation"

Label : L.U.A-Records
Artist : Shiva3 Project
Genre : Dark Psy/ Etnic/ Tribal Trance
Format : CD @ Wirikuta Shop
Relese Date : 08/2008
Catalog N : LUARCD005

Second CD from Shiva3 Project "Angels Meditation"
is the topic of the Gods and Shamans of the trance Galactic community.

Since the first CD entitle "Trishula" in 2007 Shiva3 Project music its hard to let it pass, without a listen in this duo from Ukraine.
They produce a Psychedelic Trance connected with the earth and mother Nature wish help anyone to fell on Itself space.
Shiva3 Project produce Night Trance with spiritual vibe and meanings in the sound, as they don't loose the sense of the spirituality and karma of the Trance Music vibe.

"Shiva3 Project"
It is the unusual and fairy-tale trip in itself, they are a gif of the angelic meditation and Shaman Rituals sounds.
Shiva3 Project music is Inspirated in Shaman Sounds, Millions of Stars and Full Moons.
The Results are Angels Meditation.

"Angel Meditation"
Excellent production with Dark Night sounds and beats.
A ritual of sounds and sings from other space to make a vision of forests and a sense of willing vibes to flow everywhere.
A nuclear Mixture of Psychedelic/ Dark/ Goa/ Ethno and Tribal music.

In Kogut Irina words:
Angels Meditation is a Night forest with psychedelic sound overflowing in magic Goa vibrations, sunny morning replaced by the full moon of night and elf songs under the magic tree of life... A meditation of the Angels.

To Celebrate "Angels Meditation" the Shamans in the circle of fire dance with the sky, under the sounds of eternity regenerations and consciousness rituals of angelic dust
mixed up with black sand of raining winds.

Special thanks : Iri and Nikol / Fred (TranceMoon / LUA) / Stokya / Sun Station / Zymosis and all EUPHORIA family

Tracks Listen

1- Paper sun
2- Silensio Tuwa
3- Crazy Heart
4- Alpha Ayahuaska(VS Oknemi)
5- Afrika Goup
6- Liquid for Trance Moon
7- Yellow
8- Shiva3
9- Snow and Ashes

Production by:
Averin Andrey and Karcev Aleksandr (Ukraine)
Master by:
Mark@SoundMagus Studio (UK)
Cover Desig By:
Kartsev Alexander (Ukraine)
Lyrics By:
Kogut Irina (Ukraine)
Edited by:
L.U.A Records (UK)
Promoted by:
Trance Moon Radio (UK)
Exclusive CD sell at:
Wirikuta shop (Austria)

L.U.A.R 2008

Psymoon-Records -VA / Strange side of the moon


Psymoon-Records present:

Psymoon-Records is a new net label from Serbia,
This Label is established since 28.10.2007
and making the first compilation

This compilation was made with artist from Serbia and Brazil
information about artist on this compilation you can find here
: Psymoon-Recorda_-_Artist _page

For download album in mp3 file:

For download album in wav file you can visit
Psymoon site: Psymoon-Records_-_Music_Dwnload

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* MP3 VS CD ?



Artist: Various
Label: Shamanicaros
Genre: Dark Psytrance
Format: WAV
Length: 76:07 min
Release Date: 07th July 2008

Icaros are medicine songs, used as part of the toolkit of Shamans and Curanderos in the Peruvian Amazon Basin. Typically, but not always, they are used in Ayahuasca ceremonies to fulfill such purposes as removing bad spirits from an afflicted person. Each icaro is used to contact a different spirit, for use of healing.

ShamanIcaros is a brand new label committed in bringing you the finest and unique sound of psychedelic trance. With this first compilation we've gathered for you eleven extraordinary tracks, aiming to take you on a trip trough the visions of some of the modern shamans.

01. Oxidelic - Diabolico [153 BPM - 08:06 min]
02. Psychoz - Dragon Heart [155 BPM - 07:05 min]
03. Kanibal Holokaust - Tube of Apprehension [156 BPM - 06:38 min]
04. The Andychrist - Dosed (Chliimy T-Mimey Mix) [148 BPM - 08:27 min]
05. Yata-Garasu - Akira [156 BPM - 06:33 min]
06. eniChkin Project - Lazereality [158 BPM - 07:17 min]
07. Humbaba Huwawa - Evil Ushko [160 BPM - 05:25 min]
08. Pzyko - Party-J [160 BPM - 06:48 min]
09. KabaZada - Lucifer Don't Kill Me [165 BPM - 06:25 min]
10. Zero-Blade - Jahuanchi Icaro [159 BPM - 06:53 min]
11. Kayab - MilkShake [167 BPM - 06:30 min]

Compiled by Zero-Blade
Mastered by 800 Deathsticks
Artwork by Zero-Blade
Distributed by the Internet

Posted by Krono Psy (Download here)

Nero - Psychotic Romaniac EP


released: July, 2008
psychotic romaniac

In the time Nero Claudius Caesar was the emperor, we have the power of art, theater and party. People sing and dance in the streets showing happiness and giving good energy to the city of Rome. In the year Roma burned (64 AC), Nero thought was a big party outside, he pick his harp and go out to the street to sing and play, while Roma burn .

(extract from the satire philosopher Lucius Annaeus Cornutus).

From that time, parties have been changed and become more civilized but the spirits of party still maintain the same purpose - joy, fun, laugh and dance! Under the same principle idea, Nero (the artist) wants to reflect in this CD, what parties are really about on our days....Fun & Dance!

Joao de Menezes Nero, is a Portuguese producer with many influences in music styles and have been producing music for 12 years. Following the psy trance scene and guide by full on and psy, Nero notice the urgency to make music with the basic ideology of the parties. Funny samplers, twisted base lines and working with sounds designed to make you dance ,whatever is your mood, state or musical preferences.

Psychotic Romaniac is an EP that will give you the party vibes, the mood for dance and will make you smile from the cover to the end of the last track. CDR-Special Price Limited Edition 100 copies.

1-nero claudius cesar
3-big boom
4-run cause daddy is coming
5-control the machine
6-hello (bonus track)

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