Toys-R-Nutz - Lost in the Pancake (LUARCD006)


Toys-R-Nutz Lost in the Pancake CD

Label : L.U.A-Records

Artist : Toys-R-Nutz

Genre : Progressive / Night

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Release Date : 11 /2008

Catalog N : LUARCD006

UPC: 932342 430781

Once upon a time There was a little man called Johan. He was lost in the Forest with the Moonshine bottle.. When a strange man walked up to him and said :

-"My name is Claudio and Im going to make you dance like a little bitch, but first we need to make some strange fucked up tunes...
and as my slave you are going to help me !"

And Thats how Toys-R-Nutz was born

Toys-R-Nutz are:

Johan wernborg and Claudio Carlsson. Johan comes from a small town called Töreboda and moved to Stockholm in 1998. Claudio is from Gothenburg,he Moved to Stockholm in 2006 to go to a Music school called "Kuturama" For 2 years Cladio learning everything there about Music Production.

Johan and Claudio are making music for 4 years. They join in 2007 to make a track "You are in my underwear". Happy with the final results,they didn't stop to make tracks together.

Toys-R-Nutz played live in Basecamp one and basecamp two Festival in malmö (Stockholm) with: M.E.E.O, BEHIND BLUE EYES, IBOJIMA and PUSHERSTREET.
The Duo have Calling the attention of many people for the subtile groovy Dark sounds,as they call "DarkTroll PsyTrance".
In 2008 Toys-R-Nutz Join L.U.A-Records .

Toys-R-nutz music is a big mix of psy styles,
they work there music from progressive to full-on
And still keeping their sound dark and Groovy.
On Their own style,Lost in the Pancake is a complete cd
Line-up with fluid tracks, vibe sounds and hearth beats.

Limited Edition 100 CD copies

*Tracks listen*

speaker. Mepsya
speaker. Trouble Starter
speaker. You are in My Underwear
speaker. I Know a Parrot
speaker. Junk One
speaker. Next Shit
speaker. U Look Stupid
speaker. Magic Toe Nail
speaker. What are you Reading for ?

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Production by: Johan wernborg and Claudio Carlsson
( ) (Stockholm)
Master by: Johan wernborg and Claudio Carlsson
( (Stockholm)
Cover Design By: Toys-R-Nutz (Stockholm)
Released by: L.U.A Records
( (UK)
Promoted by: Trance Moon Radio
( (UK)
Exclusive CD sell at : Wirikuta shop
( (Austria)

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