Maximu VS Stitch - The Futuristic World (LUARCD0014)

Maximus VS Stitch
The Futuristic World


Artist: Maximus & Stitch
Genre: Psychedelic
Label: Lua Records
Catalog N: LUARCD014
Release Date: 21 /10/2010
Format: CD available @ Lua Records Store
Download: Digital stores & T.M Download Store
UPC: 992342 113244

About the Release :
The album is a powerful charge of good mood and space energy.
Joint albums always have the special charm !
The sacral secrets, stored in depths of psychedelic consciousness,
become more accessible to perception by means of this two researchers Psychospace - Maximus and StiTch.
The album is filled by thermonuclear dynamics and magic depth which will transfer consciousness to other measurements, will open powerful streams of the energy which emissions will find the remote impulses of intergalactic sources.

01) Maximus VS StiTch - Don't Enter in Silent Hill
02) Maximus VS StiTch - Flight in Out Of
03) Maximus VS StiTch - Zero Tolerance
04) Maximus VS StiTch - Ashizoroe
05) Maximus VS StiTch - Darkodelica
06) Maximus VS StiTch - That in Your Dreams
07) Maximus VS StiTch - Tibet
08) Maximus VS StiTch - Prompt Tambourines
09) Maximus VS StiTch - Forest Race
10) Maximus VS StiTch - World Behind The Looking-glass

About the Artists :

StiTch real name is Ilya Danilov, from Moscow, Russia.
Side Project - Paraz1t (Experimental Jungle).
Always opened for any collaborations and interested rising my experience working with other people and making unique sound.
The project started in late 2008 mixing: Darkpsy, Hardcore, Speedcore, Punk Rock, Drum'n'Bass and Experimental styles,
working around his own style.
Stitch main target is to traveling inside human mentality through the music.

*Project Maximus
Project Maximus is Khapaev Maksim from the city of Moscow, Russia
Khapaev started to show interest to writ electronic music in 2006.
Khapaev has as a teacher and close friend, project Hysteria (Oleg Taraskin) Working with program FL Studio, In 2008 has passed to the program Nuendo and Cubase... here is where the project Maximus has been based and start to moving into a direction of Psychedelic Dark trance.
Project Maximus direct his music sounds by the hearth beat and bass, combined with sounds of deep atmosphere, forest vibes
and accompanied by metal sounds, this is the characteristic of his music.
As his own intention, Project Maximus is directed to be a teamwork with different musicians.

W&P by: Maxim Khapaev (Maximus) and StiTch (Ilya Danilov)
Mastered by: Oleg Taraskin (Hysteria)
Design by: StiTch (Ilya Danilov)
Publish by: Lua Records
Promoted by: Trance Moon Radio

Available on CD and Digital download
(Limited Edition CD available only from Lua records website)

listen samples online - Promo page

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Drakphaser - Bio Mutation EP

 Drakphaser - Bio Mutation EP  

It Is Dark psy in mutation ?
If so, you have to listen this...

Drakphaser  - Bio Mutation EP
Limited CD edition with exclusive bonus track.
Available only @ Lua Records website

Download from your favorite store or use our recommended store

You can read more and comment @ Trance Moon Forum

Listen samples online

Darkphaser, lua records



Bioteq - A Shamanic Voyage EP
Maximus VS Stitch - The Futuristic World
(Limited CD Editions)

Killing Some Time With Infected Mushroom - Interview July

Killing Some Time With Infected Mushroom - Interview July


Infected Mushroom are one of the World’s biggest electronic bands. They have headlined legendary festival Coachella; shared top billing with the Black Eyed Peas to 100,000 plus audiences and their YouTube videos have received more views than the population of their home country, Israel (8 million) many times over.You only have to type to the letters ‘Infect’ into Google and ‘Infected Mushroom’ will come to the top of suggestions. That’s pretty good going.

It all started in 1997 when founding members Erez Eizen and Amit Duvdevani, inspired after attending a private party, decided to have a go at making some psy trance tracks. Little did they know then that this new found hobby was the start of a journey that would eventually lead them to International fame.

Eleven years later what started out as friends in their bedroom learning how to produce psy-trance tunes has evolved into a five piece LIVE show that’s on a constant world tour. What’s more, they’ve got fans in every continent whose dedication and enthusiasm would rival that of any successful rock or pop band.

Today their shows combine the giddy euphoric atmosphere of a trance club with the manic crowd-surfing & screaming antics usually reserved for an arena rock concert. It’s an unlikely combination, but as anyone who has ever been to an Infected Mushroom gig will agree, it works, and it’s infectious!

But it hasn’t always been plain sailing. Pioneering the way to be the first trance outfit to go live (complete with guitars) and constantly pushing forward their sound has met its fair share of detractors and sceptics. It is testament to their self-belief that they have stood by their vision. In return they have been rewarded by reaching the DJ Mag Top 10 in 2008 (12 in 2009), sold hundred of thousands of records and created a lifestyle that many other artists could only dream!

To find out a bit more about what the guys think of their success we interrupted their punishing schedule for a few minutes to ask some questions.

Hello and thank you for agreeing to do this interview. Firstly to set the scene, where are you guys at the moment?
We are now surrounded with bags and equipment as we are leaving soon for a three weeks tour that includes four shows in India, three shows in USA and gigs in Cyprus, Russia, Hungary and Ukraine.

What will you be doing after this interview?
Continue packing…this is going to take a while…

You started out as two people making some trance tracks together in Israel but today you’re one of the biggest electronic bands in the World - headlining events like Coachella; have millions of fans and were voted in number 10 in the DJ Mag Top 100. Does that feel good and did it evolve naturally?
Yes, it evolved naturally and involved a lot of hard work, but yes it does feel amazing. We would have never guessed that this type of life was possible, as you mentioned we started off making trance tracks in Erez’s bedroom, now this. It has been a great ride so far…

Can you remember your first track you made and gig you played. What were they?
That is a tough one. It was like thirteen years ago (or more). It is a good question, we're rarely stumped, but we might stump on this one.

Over the years you’ve evolved from Psytrance djs to embrace lots of different styles, from euphoric trance, R ‘N B’ Punk, Rock , heavy metal and gaining new band members along the way. It’s often gained criticism. How did you maintain the self belief that you knew you were doing the right thing?
Yes, it gets tough, but when we go out and perform to both small or huge gigs and experience all of those people going crazy for the music, it invigorates a new sense of purpose each time. Ultimately, it is impossible to make everyone happy. We have always wanted to create quality music that makes people dance and we think we achieve.

What do you think was the defining moment in your career. At what point did you look to each other and say; “This is it, we’ve achieved our dream” or are you still working on it?
We are always working, but there have been some great experiences that have made us very proud: playing for 100,000 people on the beach in Rio (Brazil) with the Black Eyes Peas; collaborating with artists like Matisyahu, Jonathan Davis (Korn), Perry Ferrell (Jane’s Addiction), and Paul Oakenfold; Top 10 finishes in the DJ Mag poll; our music being used in Don’t Mess with the Zohan; and of course, remixing The Doors.

How does being based in LA change your approach to your music career?
We have been able to use LA as a launch base for shows in the US, Canada, and Mexico, which has increased our notability here… In addition, we have been able to work with artists mentioned in the previous answer. There have been more opportunities for us here at this point, without a doubt.

Who have been your main influences along the way?
That’s tough because we like a lot of music, but we have always enjoyed Metallica, Depeche Mode, and Primus.

What you do is unique. You have the club party vibe of trance and combine it with live showmanship of heavy metal. How did you manage to get to that point where people accepted it?
Well what is new is cool, and we started performing our music when it was still relatively new to be doing a live set as a trance group – so we had that on our side. We evolved though; first we only had a guitarist - now we have a guitarist, a drummer, a keyboardist and a singer. So, with a slow evolution, it was more easily accepted. Don’t get me wrong, we have some diehard fans that still haven’t come on board, but we still do DJ sets every once in a while Wink

Your video clip “Becoming insane” has had over 11 Million views on YouTube. That’s astonishing. You must feel proud that more people than live in some countries have watched that video
Yeah that's amazing. We haven’t thought about it like that… wow!

Your latest Track is ‘Killing Time’ which made number 21 in the US Billboard dance chart features Jane’s Addiction front man Perry Farrell. How did you guys end up working together?
Yes, we are very proud of this. We got the opportunity through our old management. Perry is really into the electronic music scene, so it was great being able to work with him… it was a great process!

You can hear ‘Killing Time’ here:

Your live shows are pretty intense and your gig schedule looks punishing - sometimes 5 gigs a week, How do to manage to organize it and maintain the energy?
Heineken and Espresso…

Do you enjoy playing the UK?
We love the UK crowd…a big thanks for all our fans and supporters in this great territory. You are very important to us!

You’ve not long finished your 7th album ‘The Legend of the Black Shawarma’. Do you plan an eighth?
We are always working on new music. During weeknights, after we spend time with our families, we are in the studio. We have been performing some of our new material lately so if you see us soon you’ll get a sneak peak of some of the tunes that we will put our next Wink

What’s next for your guys? What’s the next big thing you have coming up?
Continue to produce music and doing what we do best – touring, touring, touring…

Finally what's the best bit of being in a touring band?
Eating good food.

And the worse?
Being away from our wives and kids…

Thank you for your time.

If you like what Infected Mushroom do, please vote for them in the DJ Mag 100 Poll. - Voting closes 23rd September

Enjoy a Free Mix from Infected Mushroom here:

Find our more about Infected Media below:

Website: http;//
Facebook fan page:
Myspace: http;//
Youtube channel:

Glade Festival 2010 has canceled

Glade Festival 2010 has canceled

The 2010 Glade Festival has been canceled due to a increased security costs and poor pre-sales.

The festival, which was set to take place July 15-19 at the
Matterley Bowl in Winchester.

An official statement on the festival’s website say:

*This year the requirements imposed upon us for policing, security and stewarding have been greatly increased.

To make matters worse the reluctance of the police to negotiate
in advance and deliberately delay any dialog with us has resulted
in our being unable to tie down a final costing for the event.

*This, along with unexpected legal fees associated with a last
minute license review, has radically increased the cost of the festival.

*Faced with what is already an expensive event to put on and
with these unexpected forced increases in security and police
costs as well as a level of advanced ticket sales that is below our
expectations we have no choice but to do the responsible thing
and cancel the event.

Ticket holders are being advised to refer to their point of purchase
for a full refund.
For further details check out the official Glade site.

2 to 6 records presents Antagon: Cybernetic

2 to 6 records presents Antagon: Cybernetic



Car Nr : 2TO6CD006
Release Date : April 2010
Compiled by : Antagon
Mastering : xaBBu
Artwork : Ayalien
Distribution : Arabesque

At the awakening of 2010, 2to6 Records bring us another epic dancefloor journey.

This album from Antagon is a fine combination of intense rhythm and glitchy noise. The driving bass lines and spacey soundscapes meld to manifest a dark driving force. The perfect soundtrack to the early hours of the dawning day.

More info and listen to the album @ website of 2 to 6 Records



06.08.10 – 12.08.10, Misterika Festival p 4 - Tree of life

Misterika Festival p.4 - Crimea (Bakhchisarai region)

Our essence simultaneously lives in all projections of the Universe. Our destinies are intersecting like threads under the rainbow around the space axis – a Universal tree of life, cognition and ascend. Its branches spread out over all the Absolute (space reality) and define its limit in the space. Its leaves keep a record of our fates and honey dew oozes from them - the sacred drink of the gods, washing an immense wonder valley of our consciousness. All flowers are blooming on it, and all fruits of the world are growing on it giving us an invincible power of life. Wisdom springs are flowing at its roots, and time, light and nature are merging in its crown. And we all live under the shadow of the branches of this tree like his children, touching the ground with our feet like the roots and drawing our hands towards the awakening, just like branches stretch forth to the sun. We are sowing a particle of the original harmony and balance.

Crimean Youth Organization SPHERE & Misterika Family


«Psychic Radio Station»


Aboriginal Records (France)
Bomshanka Music (UK)
Arkona Creation (UK)
Peak Records (Sweden)
Spiral Trax Records (Sweden)
Space Baby Records (Ukraine)
Сlocktail Monks Records (Ukraine)


Swamp Tales (Lithuania)
Sun Spirit Lab (Russia),
Forest Tribe (Russia),
Trancepole (Russia),
Tripaganka (Ukraine)
Spirit Medicine promo (Ukraine)
Сlocktail Monks (Ukraine)
Euphoria promo (Ukraine)
Tripaganka (Ukraine)

We are inviting all magical creatures to dive deep into our own consciousness and explore different sides of our own selves where we altogether create a fabulous reality (the reality of the tale)!

«Tree of life»

Official festival website
Festival forum

It’s plan that the festival has the following features:

Main dancefloor
Chill Out
Alternative Stage
Indigo Child Room (The area for child art and rest from parents)
Vegeterian Cuisine
Art Shops
Info center
Car Parking
Yoga center (Area for taking yoga lessons and meditation)
Exhibition Gallery

Artists :


(Aboriginal records /France)

(Digital Psionics / Sweden)

COSMOSOPHY / Crystal Monkey / Dymons
(Peak Records / Sweden / Uk)

Human Blue (Spiral Trax Records / Swedish)

(Timecode Records / South African)
Also be sure to expect your close and favourite artists and friends to play LIVE

Psymmetrix (Bomshanka Music, UK)

Dirty Suffi (Bomshanka Music, UK)

Asimilon (Bomshanka Music, UK)

Project Sketch
(Arkona Creation Records, Bom Shanka Music, UK)

Lemon Tree (Organic Records, UK)

Yudhisthira (Macedonia)

Sattel Battle / Tsabeat
(Gi'iwa / Israel) ***

(Suntrip rec / Israel )

(Space Baby Rec)

(Space Baby Rec , LUA , Crimea)

(Demon Tea Rec / France)

(Glitchy.Tonic / Arkona Creation / ProgOn Syndicate/ Germany-Berlin)

Zeitgeist (German)

(Space Baby Rec, Lithuania)

(Space Baby Rec, Lithuania)

Balagan / Frog Prog
(Euphoria pro, Misterika family ,Crimea)

Spirit Medicine
(Space Baby Rec / Lviv)

Mental Reason
(Space Baby Rec) Ukraine

(Swamp Tales / D-A-R-K Rec. Lithuania)


(Space Baby Rec, Sentimony, Skygravity, UP)

(Space Baby Rec, Samara)

Spayo Ventax
(Space Baby Rec) Belgium;Ukraine

SWA (Rus) ***

(Euphoria pro, Misterika family ,Crimea)

(Sentimony Rec. UPRecords.Ukr)


SVITER (Kharkov)
"Humanoids from SVITER planet making a chaotic jam whoop-de-do with musicians from Earth and other planets..."

(Sugarooms, greenflower)Rus

Среди Айсбергов (Ryazan)

(BioSonar^Lab / Карелия)

KleemBertyFly ***
(STR8SOUND pro . Russia)

Dj s

(Bomshanka Music, Portugal)

(Arkona Creation, Lithuania)

(Arkona Creation, Planet Bob's Chai Emporium, UK)

(Clocktail Records / Odessa)

Alexxdrum (Lvov)
Ariah Lion (Moscow)
Anatomic (Belgorod)
Absolute fuel (Kharkov)
Afonya (Trancecarpathiarts ,Uzhgorod) ***
Roodee (Trancecarpathiarts , Uzhgorod) ***
Maximus T.Z. (Tendala , Uzhgorod) ***
CosmoJourney (Kharkov)
Equinox (Moscow)
Plan (Crimea) ***
Pilgrim (Kiev)
Psyche (Polesye)
Rushman (Dnepropetrovsk)
Shamaniac (Kharkov)
HoverFly (Kharkov)
Om (Moscow)
OkuIri (Crimea)
Tetra (Krivoy Rog)
Lynoxodilo (Moscow)
Maja (Kiev)
MZ (Lviv)
Mamba (Moscow)
Max Rider (Dnepropetrovsk)
Kin_Dz@ (Crimea)
Коллега Пруль (Kharkov)
Lotos (Kherson)
Vadiom (Zaporozhye)
Impulse (Moscow)


Shankara LAB (euphoria promo , misterika family)

Hyper Icons (Spirit Medicine Promo) Ukraine

AC!D Family lab(Rus) ***

Paul Spider (Ukraine)
Khanoriya (Ukraine)
Sun Spirit Lab (Rus)
Forest Tribe (Rus)

Fire Show :

Psy Flame(Euphoria)Ukraine

Fenix Ukraine

ПСИ (Planetary Arts Net). St. Petersburg.


Vj Kat4er (Misterika Family / Киев)

Tea House/Cinema: Cinema-Tea-Ka


Spirit Medicine Promo

Design Studio

*** - awating confirmation

Ethnic – Fluro- Shops

Avatara art shop (Kiev)
Exclusive ethno clothes, fashionable accessories (bags, bijou, belts etc), summer collection of Ninja shoes, neon bracelets.

Spirit Medicine | Hyper Icons – a shop of ritual and metaphysic artifacts (fluoro handmade T-shorts, bags, amulets)

Misterika Shop (Ukr)

If you want to share your creative ideas and make a unique contribution into the festival organization – we look forward to your suggestions and works.

Festival Place :

Only extra-ordinary creatures have a possibility to enter another dimension full of magic, the place where everything one can think of becomes a reality! We are inviting you to the world of tale with everlasting summer where every living thing is pierced with joy, sincerity and all creatures have big hearts full of never ending gentleness. Pack your magic boxes; grasp by the wings the mood of craziness soaring in the air. We will be waiting you and just you by the portal of a picturesque paradise place between the mountains, greenery and magic.



Attention! It’s strictly prohibited to carry weapons, drugs and the means of their usage into the Misterika Festival.


In advance:

For all festival days (7 days)
01.05.10 - 15.05.10 200 uah- 20 euro
16.05.10 - 31.05.10 300 uah - 30 euro
01.06.10 - 30.06.10 350 uah - 35 euro
01.07.10 - 03.08.10 400 uah - 40 euro

At the festival:
One night
350 uah - 35 euro with flyer
400 uah – 40 euro without flyer

All festival days (7 days) 600 uah - 60 euro

The night 07 - 08.07.09 (opening) 500 uah – 50 euro

Collective submissions starting from 20 tickets are entitled for a discount!

This time we will also have electronic tickets which you can order and receive via Internet any time convenient for you.

What is needed to do:

Step 1. Get account details for payment submission with the help of our HotLine..

Step 2. Submit payment for the ticket in the most convenient for you way.

Step 3. Register as a Festival participant on our website.

Шаг 4. Receive a ticket to your email.

Step 5. Print the ticket and show it at the Festival entrance.

IMPORTANT: Since the tickets are personal it is necessary to bring with you an identity document to confirm that you are the ticket holder!

ATTENTION: If it is more convenient for you to pay for the ticket to the festival coordinator in your city you can do this only after November 10th!
Before this date tickets are available only through our website!!!

Payment options:

1. Money transfer to the credit card (for Ukraine residents)

Credit card details:
6762 4620 3393 8173
Averin AM
Don’t forget to keep a receipt from the bank!!!

2. Money transfer through PRIVAT MONEY system

(please contact us via our HotLine for more details)



Swift (transfer to account)
EUR account number 5457082050184485
Dnepropetrovsk Ukraine

Payment options for accommodation will be provided separately. The details will follow shortly!

Festival Hot Line :
icq 441497354
call & sms:
+380972869116 Andrey
+380934671133 Andrey
+80957941997 Andrey
+380676310242 Olya
skype name - misterika

It’s strictly prohibited to carry weapons, drugs and the means of their usage into the Misterika Festival.

We invite you to cooperate with us:
+380972869116 email:
icq: 389-213-531



tel: 8 926 145 20 40
icq: 103435956

tel: +7 920 553 0 883
icq: 413885230

tel: +79043135062
icq: 168811669


tel: 063 295 64 02
icq: 262497419

tel: 050 9464679
093 3650012
icq: 446153602

tel: 068 842 51 04
066 762 33 27
icq: 285673177

tel: 067 631 02 42
icq: 371369652
skype: chikipukiolyalya

tel: 063 715 64 13;
050 534 72 66
icq: 283523844

Festival flyers can be found at:

Мир ганеши m. Savyolovskaya, building B-35

-Диски та Кассеты (Ришельевская\Греческой)
-Диски та Кассеты (Таирово\Золотой Дюк)
-Нота+ (Александровский пр-т\Жуковского)
-Музтанг (Дворянская\Нежинской)
-Rider (ТЦ Афина,5 этаж)
-Stuff (Успенская/Александровский пр-т)

магазин БАГА (Bорошиловский пр-т, 50)

магазин Ларец

КК орбита , фенИкс, боб марле, мирабелла, фен шуй, этно хаус


«Psychic Radio Station»
Psychedelic, Ambient, PsyChill, Dub и Meditative


Welcome to Misterika Islands

Kanibal Raves - Na masti iz Srbije

Kanibal Raves - Na masti iz Srbije

Ninjas: Kanibal Raves (Milan Kanibal Holokaust & Zdravko Jesus Raves)
Title: Na Masti Iz Srbije; number 004
Label: Ultiva Records
Came From: Serbia
Style: Sexperimental Turbo Diesel Folk Psy with Dance Influence
Format: CD Digipack
Bar Code: 5060147125559
Release Date: April 2010
Tracks & Cover Design by: Milan Kanibal Holokaust i Zdravko Jesus Raves


01 - Kanibal Raves - Intro
02 - Kanibal Holokaust - Albert Blofeld
03 - Kanibal Raves - Turbo Folkerijada
04 - Jesus Raves - Beat That Pedo Grandpa
05 - Kanibal Raves - Killa Boom Jajaja LOL
06 - Kanibal Raves meets Demoniac Insomniac & InSector - Arcade Phucking *
07 - Fatal Discord vs Kanibal Raves - Wasabi Sniffers Olympic **
08 - Kanibal Raves - Kanc Nam Sapunja Machore
09 - Kanibal Raves - Keva Vidosava
10 - Kanibal Raves - Suomi Narodnjak
11 - Kanibal Raves - Air Max Power Junkies
12 - Jesus Raves - Kasandra D Potochara
13 - Kanibal Holokaust - From Serbia With Love
14 - Kanibal Raves - Outro

* Track by Kanibal Raves, Boris Kirov (Macedonia) and Balázs Poczik (Hungary)
** Track by Masayoshi Suzuki (Japan) and Kanibal Raves

Online shops:

few more soon...

Unusable links:


Rebirth Fire Festival 2010

Rebirth:Fire Festival 2010

Psychedelic Music and Arts Dance Festival

april - 2 may 2010
Schela, jud Gorj (near Targu Jiu)
Mountains, Romania



Moon ___ [Nano / Aphid Rec | UK] ___

___ [Dark Prisma Rec | Argentina] ___

___ [Yellow Sunshine Explosion / Geomagnetic.Tv | Romania] ___

___ [Clocktail / Night Oracle Rec | Germany] ___

___ [Suntrip Rec | Romania] ___

Upon a Time... ___ [Electrik Dream Rec | Bulgaria] ___

___ [Germany] ___

___ [Adapted Rec | Greece] ___

___ [Triplag / Cryptek / D.A.R.K. | Bulgaria] ___

___ [Team Infinity | USA] ___


___ [DarkPrisma | Argentina]

Boom Shankar ___ [BMSS Rec |
Germany] ___

El Kante ___ [6-Dimension Sound / Adama Rec | UK / Spain] ___

& Shev ___ [Elestial Rec | Macedonia] ___

___ [Sonica Festival | Italy] ___

___ [Intelligent Monkey | Bulgaria] ___

___ [Scared Evil | Austria] ___

___ [Intelligent Monkey | Bulgaria] ___

___ [Trikoza | Bulgaria] ___

___ [BMSS Rec | Germany] ___

Suicide ___ [Bulgaria] ___

___ [Thrancians / Spacesheep | Romania] ___

Roua ___ [Spacesheep | Romania] ___

___ [Spacesheep | Antiscarp Rec. / Romania] ___

___ [Spacesheep | Romania] ___

___ [Spacesheep | Romania] ___

___ [Spacesheep | Romania] ___

___ [Dmt | Romania] ___

___ [Romania] ___

more to come ...



___ [Electrik Dream Rec | Bulgaria] ___

___ [Mind Tweakers | Romania] ___

Core ___ [Cosmic Plasma | Romania] ___

Elements ___ [Mind Tweakers | Romania] ___

___ [Clocktail / Night Oracle Rec | Germany] ___

___ [Adapted Rec | Greece] ___


___ [Romania]

Prezident Tzuc ___ [Romania]

Subhuman ___
[Shrooms Events | Romania]

Chaikovsky ___ [Dmt | Romania] ___

___ [Romania]

Simon Frison ___ [Romania]

Dina & Shev
___ [Elestial Rec | Macedonia] ___

El Kante ___ [6-Dimension Sound / Adama Rec | UK / Spain] ___

___ [Spacesheep | Antiscarp Rec. / Romania] ___

more to come ...




Mr Disko
Aurora 4



Andrei S

This space will work as a place to jam, communicate, share and gather
as many people as possible that are willing to cooperate into a musical
environment, bring their electronic or acoustic toys to tune in to make
the Circle spin.


Vagabond Constructions ___
Jamas Crew ___ [Germany]
Liquid Lux Works [USA]
___ [Romania] ___
___ [Romania]

metal fire sculptures by:
Misha ___ [Romania]




___ [Romania] ___


ONE ___ [Bulgaria] ___


presale untill 23 april: 90 lei (aprox 25 euros)
at the
gate: 130 lei (aprox 35 euros)

write at
phone at: 0040 723 590 860
0040 751 580 141

through at


Mountains, Romania (near Targu Jiu)

pics from the location:


___ [Romania] ___


___ [Romania] ___


our Journey on the path of Evolution we have a third step to make,
another test to overcome, another Element to feel and Embrace, the third
Ingredient of our world that contains all the three other elements,
Fire has the power of Destruction and Creation, a state of transition to
essence, a return to the Core letting behind all unnecessary layers,
unfolding the Truth germinating Rebirth.
Come join the Ride of Fire
that will guide you all through your Infinity, touring thoughts and
scapes, dreams and past lives, facing limits to be burned, walls to be
melted, rearranging particles to unveal new ways and twisted
rabbit-holes, taking various forms on the way to God, signals of smoke
from the early tribes to ourselves mark the groove to our Soul, pure
Energy running like water storing the Now, uniting the Sames in the
heart of One.
Be prepared for a blazing Gathering on the lands of the
Dakians, tribes of the continuous Sacred Fire around which all Life is
centered, our fire masters and spinners alike will raise the key to the
Portal, burning cycles building the Spiral. Ritual comes together with
Music into this Trance we Dance, new psychedelic sounds help the Beat
take you over yourself, seeds, plants, plains, hills, mountains, seas
and oceans, planets and galaxies, beyond infinity inside yourself, in
Joy and Love together we vibrate, the Flame the world we kindly offer.


Circle of Fire is open to all performers, artists and crafts people who
can help lead our ship through the flames to calm crystal waters.
from all members needed, expression is a key.

Starting date is
set one day before music starts so that people can relax from the trip
and get some rest before dancing begins.

Stay tuned for
more details:

from Rebirth: Earth Festival 2009:

Va / Deep Trip - Drop out (vol 3)

VA / Deep Trip
Drop Out (vol 3)

Label: Lua Records
Artist: Various
Compiled by: Kabbalien
Genre: Psychedelic Dark
Format: CD @ Lua Records Store
Release Date: 01 /03/2010
Catalog N: LUARCD0010
UPC: 932342 886772


Third Compilation from the Trilogy Deep Trip
(Turn on / Tune in / Drop out) Tribute to
Dr. Timothy Leary, outer-space advocate, ex-Harvard professor, psychologist, philosopher, explorer, teacher, optimist, humorist, author and revolutionary avatar of a generation.
Proudly compiled by Kabbalien

Drop out compilation is the end of this Trilogy, having been constructed since last year (2009) and finally reveals the base ideology of a mind concept truly directed to awaken anyone.

The music was highly selective and compiled in a way, to take you in a journey with a wide view of psychedelic sounds made by music producers known in our scene.
They are the veins of a new generation !

This compilation has very strong music and message attached.
We live in the real world and it is about that we have to direct our minds, for tomorrow, we can do better.

Drop out - is part of a spiral, the spiral of the society !
Drop out means the end and all ends, are the start of something.
Again, we are back turning on, tuning in and at the end, we reach the drop out.
Drop out is the reflection of turn on and tune in made into a consolidated thought where we decide if we will turn on again or just drop out at once. Its the final decision !

Drop out is when we understand that we are free to do whatever they want !

Since the start of this Trilogy, lua records takes the night sounds into a new level of musicology, making music to be not just a consuming matter but a tool to express an ideology that is shared by all of us... Freedom, mind setting and awareness !

The message is simple, we all complain in our days about the social situation but not much has been made to change the social approach made to our private lives, as we continue to accept the rules and laws imposed, slowly castrating our freedom day by day with the argument of it being for our own good.
"Truth may be found in a language other than one's own"
(Adeline Yen Mah)

The matter of social repression through government decisions are paid by any one of us despite the country or language.

Under Timothy Leary's Philosophy ( not just as a L.S.D guru but also a Philosopher and free thinker) we have to abandon the idea that we can not do nothing about it... we can !

Ideology Behind:
Music is the universal language.
In a case of a band (more than 1 musician) they write the music to play. If one of the band members is not happy with some part in
the song, he talks with the other members and together they decide if they will change that part of the song or not, or maybe they end up finding a better solution for that part of the song.

This is exactly the same way how government rules in our days !
They are the musicians and our lives is their music.
They play, they make changes, they do arrangements and they take decisions about us.
We need them to manage our country, not our lives !
We are the majority and we can do something about it!

In this Trilogy, lua records does not want to make a revolution but wants to tell you that it is not difficult to make changes.

Governments make rules and laws, they govern the country but we should have the last word !
If we have the right to vote for a president, we should have a right of vote for any decision made by them.
Its that simple !

Timothy Leary words:
("My advice to people today is as follows: If you take the game of life seriously, if you take your nervous system seriously, if you take your sense organs seriously, if you take the energy process seriously, you must turn on, tune in, and drop out.")
(Dr. Timothy Francis Leary 1920 - 1996)

Listen samples online:
VA/ Turn on (vol 1)

VA/Tune in (vol 2)

VA/Drop out (vol 3)
VA / Drop Out

Track list & Artists

1. Akés VS Intekshine - I See No Choice
W&P by: Rodrigo José & Américo Santos (Portugal)

2. kanibal Holokaust - The call of the tribe
W&P by: Milan Miloshev (Sebia)

3. Schranz Militia - Cenobitas
W&P by: Mário Dias (Portugal)

4. Fobi - L.U.A
W&P by: Darko Velkovski (Macedonia)

5. Jyro - Fractal Universe
W&P by: Aris Drogosis (Greece)

6. Tricossoma VS Kaos Sektor - Audio Transmitions
W&P by: Luis Palma & Carlos Miguel (Portugal)

7. Psy4tecks - Haunting
W&P by: Ruben Valente (Portugal)

8. Serotine - Alucination
W&P by: Jorge Miguel (Portugal)

9. Vegetal - Jihad Metal
W&P by: Peter Temezian (Sweden)

Compiled By: Kabbalien (UK)
Mastered By: SoundMagus (UK)
Graphics By: Mila (FR)

Thank's to all Artists and Friends Participating in this compilation.
Thank you all for making part of the New Psychedelic Generation and support our label.

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Label news:
Lua Records is proud to announce a contract has been signed last Month (01/02/2010) with Times music for digital distribution.
This digital distribution agreement made between lua records and Times Music, is an exclusive contract to distribute and promote the music of the label and the artists to Indian and sub-continent territories like:
Pakistan / Sri Lanka / Nepal / Bhutan and Bangladesh, making Lua Records the first European Psychedelic Record label distributed to the sub continent.

Lua Records disclaim any connection with politics, religion or any other groups or fanatic organisations.
We are free thinkers and we believe in equality and Human rights for the world.
Our message is real and we use music to spread awareness.

If you support our cause, please buy the cd from our web site !

Va / Deep Trip - Tune in (vol 2)

VA/ Deep Trip
Tune in (vol 2)

Label: Lua Records
Artist: Various
Compiled by: Kabbalien
Genre: Psychedelic Dark
Format: CD @ Wirikuta shop
Release Date: 17 /10/2009
Catalog N: LUARCD009
UPC: 932342769232


Tune in is the second volume of the Trilogy VA - Deep TripTribute to DR.Timothy Leary, brought to the light by
Lua Records Label

VA/ Deep Trip - Turn on (vol 1)
VA/Deep Trip - Tune in (vol 2)
VA/Deep Trip - Drop out (vol 3)

Tune in: an output of innovative psychedelic upcoming and known music producers around the world.

Lua Records bring to light again, the Psychedelic pleasure of night electronic music with a message attach,
"The one is mind, the Universe is mental and created by the mind of the one... your world"

This compilation brings us night Psychedelic sounds creating awareness in the mind of true free thinkers.

Tune in - interact harmoniously with the world around you ,
externalizing, materializing, express your new internal perspectives.

Ideology Behind:
Lua Records Trilogy brings you a Tribute to DR.Timothy Leary as it tries to keep alive one of the most Important facts in our lives, that individual self expression has been suppressed for many years and continues to be in our days, living a freedom under control from individuals that we call government and law !

The Ideology exposed by Timothy Leary in the 60s, still applies although 50 years has past.
The use of Power and Authority to maintain the population under control is as relevant in our days as it was before.
(who is this god !?)

Think for yourself and question Authority - (Timothy Leary)

Man has created barriers between himself with power Ego and laws made for society, ruling everyone as one and claiming that "we are free to express ourselves", knowing that our small personal expressions against control, will not produce a general effect in society, because we are controlled by the powerful media and out-dated or new laws claiming to be for our own good.
(who needs brain police ?)

Something has to change !

This change starts from all of us, the ones who know the Universal language...
Music !

Music is the only weapon we have got, it is the most intelligent and powerful tool to open minds and bring people together, to spread an idea, to reveal a feeling, to create a motion, to express a message.
Use it.

Music still has much to reveal in the future and is free to be expressed with no repercussions, use it as a tool to open minds and to give the good vibe we all love.
Everything starts on you !

VA/Deep Trip - Tune in (vol 2)

Track list & Artists

1 . Methodic Marble - Flute of enlightment
W&P by: Luis Pires AKA Methodic Marble (Portugal)

2 . Pan Psychic - Find the red queen
W&P by: Georgy & Ivan Fedorenko AKA Pan Psychic (Russia)

3 . Neuros - Trippy Mansion Abduction
W&P by: Cristobal Torres AKA Neuros (Chile)

4 . Plastic - PsyChaos
W&P by: Alex Terkin AKA Plastic (Israel)

5 . Dramatikart - Primordial Creation
W&P by: Ricardo Oliveira aka dramatikart (Portugal)

6 . Corrosive Brain - psychosis
W&P by: Hugo Peres AKA Corrosive Brain (Portugal)

7 . playtek - HighNoize
W&P by: Jorge Filipe AKA Playtek (Portugal)

8 . Flucturion - dragon tears
W&P by: Konstantin Yakushin AKA Flucturion (Russia)

9 . Mergel - Polukrovka
W&P by: Andrew Mergel AKA Mergel (Russia)

Compiled By: Kabbalien (UK)

Mastered By: SoundMagus (UK)

Graphics By: Myss (FR)

Working under a shared psychedelic Ideology, Kabbalien compiled 9 tracks to take you into a journey of psychedelic dreams,composed from a good choice of music producers and tracks to give you the vibe needed to
Turn on, Tune in and Drop out.

Thank's to all Artists and Friends Participating in this compilation.

Thank you all for making part of the New Psychedelic Generation.

Limited CD Edition
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